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Tyre station

Tyre Station® is founded by Mr John Chbib.  We are your local tyre dealer in Craigieburn.  We are 100% Australian owned.  We started as a vehicle recycling company back in 2007.  As we progress, we have huge quantity of used tyres which are of top roadworthy grade which are not too environmental friendly and economical to scrap them.  So we set up a tyre retail department to sell used tyres to the public.  As more customers also requested for new tyres, we started to import top quality new tyres from China.

Later, we went into the trailer wheel industry.  We imported containers after containers of trailer wheels to supply trailer manufacturers and direct to the public with very competitive prices.

We imported tyre changers, wheel balancers, hoists, lift and alignment machines for our own use initially.  We worked very closely with our manufacturers over the years on the R & D and progressively improve and cather the product to our massive usage.  We handle over 200 tyres a day as we now also added tyre recycling to our business.  We tried and tested each equipment over the years in our shop and launch the heavy duty equipment under our trademark brand TYRE STATION®.  We sell our products with confidence as we are the end user ourselves too.  We understand the frustration of unreliable products.

We will continue to strive our best in providing top quality products and best services to our valued customers.  Customer satisfaction is our guarantee!!!

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